A Rhyme About Rhymelines

When I’m asked, Bud, – What exactly is it that you do

When I tell them I write rhymes – One look, I realize, they don’t have a clue

To put it a bit more simply – You tell me what you want to say

Maybe it’s an anniversary – Or someone’s special big birthday

Heaven forbid its a eulogy – For a loved one who’s just passed on

You do want to make it very special – For your friend or loved one who’s gone

Maybe it’s a retirement party – After 35 years of boring work

Sending that person out laughing – Or roasting a supervisor, that was a jerk

Maybe it’s a bride to her parents – For the wonderful life they provided for her

Or a best man to his brother – It can be serious or funny, if you want to cause a stir

Roasts are a lot of fun composing – And they truly liven up any room

It’s best not to get too vicious – Insults can cause former friends to fume

But, here is how it happens – You send the information to me

Any and everything you want mentioned – In the rhyme for people to see

I write up a draft for you – And send it before your deadline

You read it out loud slowly – Then you own it, it’s no longer mine

We make any changes together – It really is easy to do

After that first draft is written – A couple of rewrites and we’re through

I’m always asked this question – Bud, when did your rhyming start

I don’t know if you’ll believe it – But it actually began a rhyme from my heart

I was fooling around on my computer – And it was my Honey’s special birthday

I wanted to give her something special – And I was looking for the right words to say

As the words started coming – They just poured out of my heart

On her birthday I read them slowly – That was how Rhymelines got its start

It’s been going on since then – Almost twenty years give or take

I’ve made scores of new friends – And many more I hope to make

It’s just something I enjoy doing – And so many stories I’ve been told

That I turn around into rhymes – It’s so much fun, it never gets old

So I hope this answers your question – And hopefully I’ll hear from you

I’ll do my best to make you a star – No matter what kind of rhyme I do

As you can see from the testimonials – It truly will set you apart

And the person receiving your rhyme – Will know it came straight from your heart!!