Anniversary Toasts & Rhymes

Our Anniversary rhymes are especially fun because we have plenty of material to work with. Most of our rhymes end up actually being physical gifts as well. A funny anniversary toast could be read aloud and then framed for the happy couple. The rhymes can also be tailored to be complimentary or just downright funny. You can interview both parties and get us some fun stuff on both sides of the fence. Don’t forget to get something from each child that they remember to make it interesting.

We can make it a journey through the good times together that will remind everyone of the love and commitment that has held them together.

Each Child could have a unique anniversary toast from their unique perspective. You could even have some from grandchildren that will be wonderful memories for years to come. Let us make that anniversary event special and you take care of the food!

Example Anniversary Toasts!

A Toast to Samantha & Mark!!

Although the wedding was last year – None of us were there
Therefore a celebration today – For all of us who really care
Last year it was Madagascar – You got married on the 4th of July
Although it’s for a short time, you’re home – I’m so happy I could cry!!

When I look at you two – There is electricity in the air
The love you have for each other – Is the answer to a mother’s prayer
Mark, I’m glad you’re part of the family – You make Samantha totally glow
And that makes me so happy – This, I really wanted you to know!!

I remember back to High School – The first time I saw Mark at a swim meet
Sitting with his arm around Samantha -“Who is this skinny kid” although it was sweet
He seemed so confident and comfortable – In the middle of the girls swim team
Even back then, there seemed to be a spark – From a distance I could see the beam!!

I have a little confession – When you two were always around our house
I made sure there was plenty of food – So Mark, you could always browse
With the appetite you had – You couldn’t go too far out of my sight
Food in the frig kept you both close to home – Much to my delight!!

After college, Samantha taught English in Japan – She also learned to speak Japanese while there
Then she joined Paulette in Seattle – When there’s a sister, why go elsewhere
Samantha started her own Networking Company – All her talent has brought much success
Samantha and Mark are both well traveled – Having been to numerous places outside the US!!

I remember, Samantha, when you corresponded on Face book – Samantha would practice enunciating so concise
“Samantha Alexis Jackson” Hmmmm!!! – Now that really sounds nice
Samantha Alexis Jackson – Amazing, that’s what your name is today
If you can visualize it, it will happen – A little philosophy wouldn’t you say!!

Samantha has within her a combination of attributes – She cares about people and is bright and kind
She has a strong sense of right and wrong – A greater compassion for others you’ll never find
All these attributes make her beautiful – On the inside as well as the out
Mark and Samantha compliment each other’s personalities – That’ so true without a doubt!!

With their strength’s, likes and dislikes so in tune – It was inevitable they would become one
And when the time was right, unbeknownst to them – A higher power got it done
So I’d like to propose a toast – To Samantha and her husband Mark
May your love continue to grow – On this new journey that you embark!!

Happy Anniversary Chris and Jennifer
Who would have believed – The time would go so fast
You’ve been married ten years- Many memories you’ve amassed
Some have been pleasant- Others a little more profound
It’s the ups and downs in life- That keeps your marriage so sound!

Jennifer loves to go shopping- While Chris is close with a buck
I guess opposites do attract- A deal must have been struck
You both love to gamble- It relaxes your mind
Jennifer has a love for candles- While Fantasy Sports helps Chris to unwind!

Being a Daddy’s girl- Keeps Jennifer going upstate
Staying close to her family- Is a strong family trait
You’ve got two wonderful children- Who are easy to adore
Nicole and young Jake- But they are no easy chore!

Nicole is my goddaughter- A very smart and good little girl
While Jake’s as cute as a little monster boy- At terrible two always in a whirl
You are the perfect match- with Jennifer being a little shy
Chris is nine years older- And a more excitable kind of guy!

Well, you made it by working hard- And we’re all here today
To wish you “Happy Anniversary” – with a hip hip hooray
You’ve had ten wonderful years- And hopefully many more to come
Cherish each moment together- And enjoy them to the maximum!

Happy 45th Anniversary

To two wonderful parents – Our dear Mom and Dad
Your loyalty to family – Was no less than ironclad
Being full-blooded Italian – Our passion was sometimes high
But as a family we stuck together – On each other, we could rely!

Dad, you’re a sweetheart – And Ralph and I want you to know
We remember all the times – That you let your love show
You taught us consideration – And to lend a helping hand
Both of us love you dearly – We want you to understand!

And Mom, you’re the best – The kind of person, oh, so rare
You taught us compassion and strength – And for others, to really care
We send both of you our love – On this your special day
May all your days be happy – to God above, we pray!

Well folks. I’m 50 years old – But I’m really quite proud
And many of you here tonight – Have always been part of my crowd
You took me from sandy fields – And laid in the sod
You built businesses and housing – But took time to worship God!

You were wonderful and caring – Looking out for the poor
When school children were needy – Betty Bacon would knock on their door
The school leaders knew – That she would come through
She’d find them warm clothes – While keeping herself out of view!

Sandbur Gulch, they would call me – But I held my head high
The leadership I’ve been given – Causes other cities to just sigh
I had Mayors Kirkham and Liebi – When I was still young
Then Mayor Nee came along – And my growth really sprung!

For twenty-some years – He guided my ship
Sometimes it got rocky – But I didn’t slip
I’ve fought with Tornadoes – Harsh ones, a time or two
But we all worked together – And all of us came through!

My schools are the best – With graduates far and wide
They’ve attended the finest colleges – Yes, I am full of pride
There have been many people – But one, all of you know
His name was John Gargarro – He really helped me grow!

He helped start my annual parade – We Forty-Niners are quite proud
They’d know when we were coming – With all guns blazing out loud
John helped the children – Coaching each and every sport
They called him Mr. Fridley – John gave me much support!

I can’t forget my service clubs – Kiwanis, Rotary and more
American Legion and the VFW – And those Lions that roar
They’ve all helped me grow- And their support is always there
People helping people – Helping because they care!

And would I be remiss – Not to mention some friends
Like Ornan and Medtronic – Their support never ends
Bob’s Produce and Schaaf Floral – And the former Fridley State Bank
All helpful citizens – If I may be so frank!

And who records my history – Now that I’m middle age
It’s the Fridley Historical Society- Recording page after page
And into the time capsule – This rhyme will be placed
And in twenty-five years – My history will again be retraced!

And many of you young folks – Will have stepped up to the plate
And become civic leaders – And yes, I can hardly wait
Just keep this one thought – in mind, if you will
Lending a helping hand – It’s really a thrill!