Birthday Toasts and Rhymes

Most of our rhymes end up actually being physical gifts as well. A funny birthday toast could be read aloud and then copied or framed for the birthday dude or dudette, or put on the office facebook. The rhymes can also be tailored to be complimentary or just downright funny. You can have funny anecdotes about the recipient and their co-workers included so everyone feels part of the celebration.

We can make fun of them being too old or being too young or just for being too…?

Birthday Toasts and Rhymes work great for bosses, work mates, family or even for that significant other. See some examples below but don’t feel like any of these have to be your style. These wishes are personalized from you so the more you tell us, the more you tell them!

Have fun!


My friend, Joe Lapinski, you’ve come a long way
To such a nice guy, we say, Happy Birthday!
You started out Nordeast, with a skip in your step
And even pushing 60, you haven’t stopped yet

You might have been a priest, but Mary Ann got her way
You were marched to the alter, on your wedding day
An officer and gentleman, a mandate from high
The fun never stopped, Joe, you’re quite a guy

Then into the Navy, to start grinding on teeth
The decay was so bad, and the gums underneath
You polished your skills, and bid them adieu
When asked to reenlist, you laughed and said, Who?

It was time to get serious, and the hour was late
For you wanted a family, and that couldn’t wait
I won’t belabor the process, but thanks to Mary Ann
You had your very own practice, with building and land

You were fit as a fiddle, and strong as an ox
You’d bike across the country, carrying your gear in a box
Oh, you’ve had your mishaps, but always pulled through
Your life’s a great story, with the things that you do

You’ve been a good father, as your kids will attest
They’ve learned about life, from one of the best
You’re a terror on wheels, with your bike revved up high
You and those crazy dentists, all wanting to fly

When quirks were handed out, you got more than your share
It’s always Mary Ann’s fault, now is that really fair
Thank God, she’s a saint, and a perfect mate too
For patience is a virtue, when living with you!!

But Joe, now you’re sixty, with life looking so fine
With Tom and Jane in the office, you can motor on down the line
But remember this night, and here’s the reason why

We feel fortunate to know you, cause you’re one HELL OF A GUY!
Happy Birthday Tricky!!
Love Dad!

Happy Birthday Tricky – The times gone by fast
I remember your younger days – And I knew they couldn’t last
You were cute as a bug – With those spots on your teeth
A pretty little smile – With a toughness underneath!!

You watched very closely – Other peoples every move
Some of it you copied – It helped you to improve
Like learning to fight – With that, you had no choice
It was a cycle you lived – There’s no reason to feel sad or rejoice!!

But it did give you stories – And you learned about life
You learned how to survive – Amidst all of the strife
Then you started settling down – Very slowly at first
Learning all over – With a very heavy thirst!!

I must say as a daughter – You were fun to be with
A little kid acting tough – Maybe trying to live a myth
I admire your spunk – And your will to achieve
You’re living proof – All you have to do is believe!!

So on this your 31st birthday – I wish you the best
May you continue to have fun – May you pass every test
May your dreams be many – And may all of them come true
But most of all remember – Your Dad loves you!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Norman!

Hope does spring eternal – Dr. Norman, you’ve certainly proved that beyond a doubt
Would you finally move to California – Or would you slowly just drop out
As you and Bella traveled the world – She as your bride to be
Some of us wondered if we’d live long enough – For the wedding we longed to see!!

Then finally “5″ years ago it happened – Beverly Hills became your command post
After twenty years of commuting – From Brooklyn to the beautiful West Coast
Not to be a person in a hurry – You waited just a little bit more
But a year ago you and Belle got married – We can see that each other, you adore!!

Now on your eightieth birthday – Happy Birthday we say to you
If you have any dreams left unfulfilled – May each of them come true
May you find the finest restaurants – Like you found the love of your life
May you and Belle enjoy the rest of your lives – Now that you’ve FINALLY become man and wife!!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 40th Birthday Ron
Happy Birthday to my loving husband – On this your 40th year
From the moment our eyes met – I was in love, it was quite clear
You’re an amazing husband, father and lover – But also have an amazing mind
Always engaged doing something – You truly are one of a kind!!

We have three wonderful children – And a dog who is pretty old
It’s been an incredible almost twelve years – Something you need to be told
You love poker and a good glass of wine – You enjoy a wonderful meal
At night it’s chocolate milk and cookies – My love for you I can’t conceal!!

While you’re still a young man – On this world you’ve made your mark
Being humble, simple and successful – You’re a great role model with a spark
You’re honest, warm and so down to earth – Which is one of the reasons why
I love you and wish you happy birthday – To, in my mind, the WORLD’S GREATEST GUY!!
Love Lorena