President’s Column April 2006
May 26, 2015
A Special Birthday to our dad and husband!!
May 26, 2015
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3rd Zone Meeting

Our club has nominated – But no election has been held

For next year’s officers – This group looks unparalleled

We’ll have our 3rd reading – Within the restricted time

Our officers will be elected – Being late would be a crime!!

Our PU101 Form is completed – Our Secretary is totally on task

It’s been sent to the Governor and LCI – We’ve done all that you ask

Three brave members are in attendance – Do we get credit for the Region Chair

If so, then we have four – Not real well, but it does seem fair!!

Our membership has decreased by two – Since the start on July first

It’s the lowest we’ve been in years – And hopefully it won’t get any worse

We did have one new member – With another new member on deck

One has been inducted properly – By the Governor, if anyone wants to check!!

Our second half dues have been paid – To the District and International as well

We had a lovely night with the Governor – As anyone there would tell

His speech was very succinct – And if you don’t know what that means

It was clearly and briefly stated – Many times, that’s not the routine!!

Our Installation Night has been scheduled – It will be the 23rd of May

We have three members going to the Multiple Convention – Not much else to say

I’m hoping for a full contingent – It’s quite important, as we all know

For the Spring School of Instruction – I’ll work hard to make them show!!

Now on to the International Convention – It’s an important year for us all

No one has committed as yet – Which could be a large pitfall

 The District Awards Night you ask – Do I plan to attend

As I recall it’s on June 12th – My calendar’s marked my friend!!

Do I have the 100% President and Secretary – Award forms filled out and signed

We’ve searched the Lions web sites– Can’t find them, going out of our mind

But the Zone Dog is looking – And assured me it would be in my hand

We’ll complete and hand them in – And anything else you might demand!!


 Zone Dog – And one last item just for good measure

Thanks for shortening the meetings– This last year has been a pleasure!!


Lion President Bud

Fridley Lions

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