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May 26, 2015
A Toast To Randy and Bill!!
May 26, 2015
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A Holiday Greeting!! Happy Holidays

My personal holiday greeting – To each and every one of you

Each of you is very special – In the many things you do

Starting with our leader – Major Fox leads the way

And Major D the cribbage player – Rarely wins, what can I say!!

Major Kelly in charge of benefits – Working on the Guard side

Ann who likes her horses – Will soon be taking the retirement ride

Andie likes horses and rates applicants for Major D – Dark side, he’s on his way

To becoming a Warrant Officer – For a while there’ll be no play!!

If you’re worried about health care – Then Tommy’s your guy

But when it comes to retirement – Talk to Bob and don’t be shy

Labor Relations and umpiring – Makes Tom’s job the most unique

When you add in the sarcasm – You’ve got an ornery mystique!!

Renee is our office greeter and time keeper – Who truly tries her best

But being vertically challenged – Makes finding her a real test

Our Classification Specialist and Favre fan – Julia has to decide

Will she cheer for the Vikings or Packers – And then will she confide!!

Chris is waiting in the wings – As soon as he finishes OCS

He’ll be the guy in charge – He’ll do a great job, I guess

Nolan just returned from Iraq – And I took his place

We consider him Chris’s “Keeper” – But that’s really no disgrace!!

Whit is our computer Guru – We all know how important they are

He also beats Major D at cribbage – Quite regularly, which is par

When it comes to Equal Opportunity – Linda is the person you should see

When it comes training, travel and chocolate – Cindy will set you free!!

At this time of the holiday – I want this off my chest

You all work hard and have fun – In my opinion, you’re the very best

So I wish you all Happy Holidays – I have something I want you all to hear

I’m not drinking Menova – Have I made myself perfectly clear!!



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