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May 5, 2015
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May 5, 2015
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A Rhyme to Great Service

Unbelievable Customer Service!!

From Sue Maxwell & Walter’s Recycling and Refuse

We had a bit of a problem – In fact, we really got stung

When I realized what had happened – I had to hold my tongue

Some contractor, at least we think – Filled up our recycling bin

With all of his left over trash – And everything else that would fit in

There was an old chair –  And paint cans galore

Ceiling tile and old sheet rock – Even old boards from a floor

Now usually I can find – Something that leads the way

For me to find the dirty culprit – And get them back the same day

To pick up their garbage – With a tongue lashing to boot

But this guy was tricky – And in his own mind, even cute

He left not a trace – That would lead me to him

And boy was I aggravated – My outlook was pretty grim

What the heck were we to do – With all of this miscellaneous junk

That filled up our cardboard bin – By some villanous punk

So I called up Sue Maxwell – Because one thing was for sure

We were getting a container that locked – So we could keep things secure

And much to my surprise – This is what Sue Maxwell told me

We’ll get you a new container – And haul away all the debris

For this you won’t be charged – We’ll take care of it for you

This will all be done by Thursday – Is there anything else I can do

I said, “No” but thank you – I truly didn’t expect this much

As far as customer service goes – I have to say, Sue has the midas touch

So if anyone wants my opinion – About which Refuse company to hire

Reread this little encounter – Walter’s customer service you have to admire

And Sue Maxwell when she was making the sale – Told me Customer Service came first

Trust me after this experience – I know Walter’s is very well versed!!

Thanks Again

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