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May 26, 2015
Happy Birthday Michelle
May 26, 2015
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A Special Birthday to our dad and husband!!

Oh yes, it’s happy birthday – And what a day it is

And yes, you are special – As Mr. Fix-it, you’re no whiz

But you have the solution – When something drastic goes wrong

You just call a plumber or electrician  – Your fingers are really strong!!

You have one characteristic – That sticks out like a light

You have an oversized head – On which most hats are quite tight

We found the solution – And we think it works pretty good

A XXL football helmet – Protects your head as it should!!

You have your football injuries – Of which you should be proud

Bad knees from taking a fall – Out of the stands within the crowd

You are a man of many interests – Travel, sports, theatre to name a few

Photography, reading mystery novels – And a remote control thumb that’s fast and true!!

Don’t call at 10:30AM on Sunday – This is a very touchy issue

The sports reporters are all on – Our man just might throw a shoe

You’re a great story teller – But a good listener as well

Someone we love and adore – Who’s also fun as you can tell!!

Through the good times and the bad – We can always count on you

Making us laugh through it all – While giving each of us courage too

So on this special occasion – Arthur we want you to know

That we love and appreciate you – And it’s important that we tell you so!!

Happy Birthday!!


Your Entire Family

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