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May 26, 2015
A Toast to Martie and Bob!!
May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Angie and Dan!!

I rise for a toast – Being the best friend of the bride

But first I’ll share some history – Let me be your guide

Angie and I have been friends – Since grade school, so long ago

She’s truly my best friend – Facts about each other we both know!!

Like the time we got home at midnight – Checked in and sneaked back out

Almost home the second time – Each of us gave a shout

In the road were 20 bouncing red lights – Coming straight at us

Angie was screaming, “back up the car” – A family of raccoons caused all the fuss!!

I really knew she was my friend – When she would drive my mom’s new corvette

Chauffeuring me in that brand new car – Angie, it’s something I’ll never forget

Angie is very hard working – But down to earth and real

But she also has this crazy thirst – For the extreme she can’t conceal!!

She likes to rock climb – Fishing and hiking outside

While Dan is quiet and nice – Taking all of this in stride

He’s also very artistic and loves to paint – A nature lover who likes to fish

As a couple they are perfect – Answering each other’s every wish!!

So now it’s time to toast – My friend Angie and her new groom

Let’s all raise our glasses – Each of us in this room

I wish you both much happiness – May your love continue to grow

May all your dreams come true – While down the road of life you go!!


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