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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast To Beth and Quinn!!

I’m the Maid of Honor – But also sister of the bride

I rise for a toast – And I do so with pride

But first a little history – A walk down memory lane

First, Beth loves to make lists – Which she dutifully maintains!!

Both of them love pizza – Quinn has his pet peeve

People sitting at a bar on a cell phone – He finds it hard to believe

They are both very smart – And very fit as you can see

Quinn coaches football – And has feet as big as ski’s!!

Beth loves to play soccer – But she has a crazy side too

Doing totally random stuff – Right out of the blue

They love spending time – With college friends from the past

Quinn is a giant Packer fan – I hope this marriage can last!!

Beth loves the Vikings – And as a friend is always there

She gives wonderful advice – And you know that she cares

At Trivial Pursuit – Quinn has been known to kick butt

This marriage was made in heaven – It’s truly clear cut!!

So please won’t you join me – A toast to Beth, and Quinn her new groom

Let’s all raise our glasses – Each of you in this room

May your love continue to grow – And all your dreams come true

And may you both be successful – No matter what you pursue!!


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