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May 5, 2015
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May 5, 2015
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A Toast to Carrie and Karl

Carrie is my little sister – Being 3 years younger than me

I’ll share a little history – So a better understanding you’ll see

When I was 8 and Carrie 5 – I changed my clothes after peeing the bed

Then I rolled Carrie in it – Not wanting to face the dread!!

Everyone including Carrie – Were convinced it was her bad deed

But she grew up smart and beautiful – A fact we’d all have to concede

I know we had fun at South Beach – Since my credit cards and ID were lost

But having fun with my little sister – I’ll do at any cost!!

Carrie and Karl met in high school – And have been together since that day

They both graduated from Radford – And both are rather spoiled, I dare say

Karl likes fishing, hunting and flea markets – But is also a country music fan

A hypochondriac who’s afraid of ghosts – What I’d call a complex man!!

Karl is an accountant – Who appreciates an orchid on display

He also doesn’t rush into things – 10 years, Finally, they’re getting married today

They posses a cat and two dogs – Doberman Pincher’s no less

In my world, that’s a family – What’s next, is anyone’s guess!!

But now it’s time for a toast – To my sister Carrie and her new groom

Would you all join with me – Each of you in this room

May your love continue to grow – May all your dreams come true

And Karl, my hypochondriac brother in law – You truly don’t have the flu!!

Hear Hear!!

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