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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Cat and Jay!!

I rise for a toast – To my cousin Jay, the groom

But first some history – Before I resume

Jay and I grew up together – In fact he’s my best friend

We’re also business partners – So a lot of time together we spend!!

Now Cat is a ballerina – And she truly loves to dance

While her day job is being a nurse – She just oozes elegance

This engagement was truly romantic – And an interesting story to boot

 Cat was dancing in Cinderella – And Jay being quite astute!!

Presented Cat with a glass slipper – After the performance was through

And in it was an engagement ring – As any Prince Charming would do

He asked her to be his Cinderella – Now how romantic is that?

Which led to today’s events – Jay and his new bride, Cat!!

Now Jay has a couple of passions – And Texas Hold em ranks quite high

So for his bachelor party – To Atlantic City we took our guy

And lo and behold, please listen – Our Jay won the tournament

Beating out all comers – Not only fun, but time well spent!!

His other passion is Ford Mustangs – He’s rebuilding one of his own

It’s orange and a beauty – All of us boys have dreams, even when we’re grown

And Cat drives a Ford herself – Not quite the power of a Mustang

But she loves her Ford Focus – It makes her feel like one of the gang!!

One last detail you might not know – Jay used to play in a band

Having long hair and sideburns – With his guitar, he took command

Now it’s time for the toast – To this new bride and groom

Would you all please join with me – Each of you in this room!!

 May your love continue to grow – May all your dreams come true

May your lives be filled with joy – And may you love the  things you do

May you wake each morning smiling – And exchange a kiss each night

For this match is made in heaven – And we all know, it’s just right!!


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