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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Craig and Rachel!!

As mother of the groom – On this eventful day

I’m filled with pride and happiness – But first I have something to say

When Craig was first born – The doctor said, “he’s too pretty to be a boy”

Now he’s a second stringer – Rachel’s the real beauty we all enjoy!!

As a toddler he was active – With many tricks galore

Crawling into the cupboards – Dumping contents onto the floor

Jumping in bathtubs fully clothed – Peeing in the middle of the street

Climbing ladders to the roof – Curious and determined he never missed a beat!

At a very young age it became apparent – He was competitive at heart

Playing soccer, basketball and baseball – He loved sports from the start.

He always competed enthusiastically – Foul balls smashed through our patio door

He refused lessons and skied off a cliff – Craig always went for more!!

Drinking beer with cousin Scott – Grandma Donny was not pleased

Discipline was handed down– Boys packed their bags and threatened to leave

Friend and foe was big sister Christi  –  Some fights ending with a broken door

That’s how we got our dog, Fritz – Who appeared on our living room floor!!

In high school he attended Mullen – An all boy’s Jesuit school

It didn’t stop him from dating – The girls thought he was so cool

He lettered in soccer and lacrosse – His entrepreneurial spirit began to grow

Stealing donuts to sell at school – He had quite the positive cash flow!!

USC was Craig’s college choice – A Trojan he’ll always be

He became a Kappa Sig party boy – In Entrepreneurship, he got his degree

Surviving the Watts riot – Then graduated and became a ski bum

His first real job was selling advertising – But he just couldn’t work for anyone!!

Now he works real estate from home – And plays Frisbee with his dog Mojo

Mojo has taught him patience – As a person has helped him grow

He’s becoming an excellent gourmet cook – This is amusing and hard to ignore

This is the kid who dumped food on his head – And licked soda off the floor!!

Watching or playing he really loves sports – It’s fun to watch him compete

Last year I watched his soccer game – Getting red carded he was an ejected athlete.

It was on the soccer field that he met Rachel – All I can say is “Lucky You”

You make a very lovely couple – We’re happy to celebrate with you two!!

But enough, it’s time to toast – Craig and Rachel his new wife

We’re excited you found each other – And will share a brand new life.

May the love you feel right now – Keep growing day by day

When you look into each others eyes – May there be nothing you need to say!!



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