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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Elizabeth and Shaun!

Things have certainly changed – Since you two first met

Our family wasn’t excited – You were certainly a long shot bet

But Shaun hung in there – Showing he was in it for life

Loving my sister Elizabeth – And now making her his wife!

Both of you are dentists – In fact both sides of the family are

Shaun has a love for golf – Elizabeth has yet to make par

We treat Shaun as a brother – And love him through and through

We now have two Chinese brother in law’s – So this is nothing new!

But soon you’ll all see – When the newly weds take the floor

For the couples “first dance” – Trust me, it won’t be a bore

For they’ve been working hard – To get every move down pat

Since both are high achievers – We don’t need to worry about that!

But now please all join me – As we toast my sister and her new groom

Let’s all lift our glasses – Each of us in this room

May all your dreams come true – And your love continue to grow

May you always keep smiling – While down the road of life you go!!


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