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May 26, 2015
Happy Retirement Carrie!!
May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Kristin and Jeff!!

We’re here to honor Kristin & Jeff – I’m Morgan Denny father of the groom

I’d like to welcome friends, family – And everyone in this room

Trisha and Sean you should be proud – What a lovely daughter you’ve raised

Kristin, welcome to our family – I’m overwhelmed with praise!!

Kristen and Jeff met while interviewing at WakeForest – Then Jeff offered her a ride

At the airport they got a bite to eat – Then got on the same plane as fate would coincide

Jeff lived in Philadelphia – While Kristen’s home was in Abbington, PA

This truly was no coincidence – A higher power had something to say!!

They immediately began dating – As their love just grew and grew

On a buggy ride to a church inNew Hope– Jeff asked and Kristin said I DO

Jeff flew home after their first Christmas – Checking a Christmas tree on the return flight

He had to report a missing tree in Philadelphia– But it was found to his delight!!

It became their special tree – Which they nurtured, loved and cared for

When they came home they brought it – Since it was aminiature

And planted it in our front yard in Georgia– Where it stands tall this very day

Each year they place a new ornament on it – For symbolism and love that it conveys!!

Now I’d like to make a toast – Would you all raise your glasses high

To my son Jeff and his lovely bride – Which no one can deny

May your love continue to grow – And most of your dreams come true

May your lives be meaningful and happy – In whatever you may pursue!!

Hear Hear!!

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