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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Lauren and Jacob!!

Since I’m the Matron  of Honor – For my little sister the bride

First, some  background information – Which I do so with pride

Lauren is the vocal  and animated one – Of this family, it’s apparent to see

While Jacob is more  quiet  and subdued – Since it’s okay with  him it’s okay with me!!

The fact that they  are in love – Is something they don’t hide

Their public displays  of affection – Are exhibited with pride

Lauren is getting her  MBA – At the UNLV

They have two Rat  Terriers, Katy and Lou – It’s the perfect setting, wouldn’t you agree!!

Jacob works for theNew CityCenter– In Vegas where he’s a big wheel

Lauren is dying to  return to San Diego  – Her wistfulness is hard to conceal

Both of them love  staying at home – Where Jacob is the in-house cook

While Lauren does all  of the cleaning – Now that’s a healthy outlook!!

So let’s all raise  our glasses – To my sister and her new groom

A toast to Jacob and  Lauren – From all of us in this room

May all your days be  happy – May your love continue to grow

And may all your  dreams come true – While down the path of life you go!!


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