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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Liz and Mark!!

We rise for a toast – We’re the sisters and in law of the bride

Mark, for a Texas Longhorn – You’re in for one wild ride

Liz is one high strung gal – For her, schedules are meant to be kept

Doing it less than perfect – Is something Liz will not accept!!

Growing up was special – Our house had a family of 9

We only had two telephones – But Liz had her own private line

Rooming with her as a child – Sister Carolyn will never forget

One thing would lead to another – They’d end up in a fight you could bet!!

Liz works as a bond trader – And this fact cannot be denied

“Don’t mess with the crazy lady in Chicago – Because you’ll get fried

She will not be ripped off – On the price of any of her bonds

And the boys in Memphisknow this – Mess with Liz, she’ll respond!!

Mark I’m sure you remember – That first blind date and the fun

Of course our Liz left early – She had to get her hair done

But we have to give you credit – We knew you were The Alpha Male

When Liz left tennis early – And canceled the appointment for her nails!!

At the family 4th of July party – That takes place in Michigan each year

With swimming, golfing and tennis – With maybe some scotch and beer

We’ll admit we were worried – About what your attire might be

We imagined tight tennis shorts and a Speedo – Not something we wanted to see!!

Liz is 41 and unmarried – In our minds she truly accomplished a coup

When Mark called for her hand in marriage – My mother responded, “Mark who”

We’re worried about our poor father – Retirement he might have to forego

And get back to work for a while – This wedding is costing big dough!!

Mark, we offer this word of caution – In fact “compromise” is the word

You might want to start working with Liz – It’s something she hasn’t heard

Seriously Mark, you’re lucky – Liz is very caring, generous and bright

Whenever she talks about you – Her eyes just shine with delight!!

Would you all please join with us – As we toast Liz and her new groom

Please all lift your glasses – Each of you in this room

May all your dreams come true – And your love continue to grow

May you always keep smiling – While down the road of life you go!!


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