To My Son Drew!!
May 26, 2015
A Toast to Nicole and Greg!!
May 26, 2015
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A Toast To My Sister The Bride!!

I rise for a toast – Because I’m the Head Maid

To honor my sister – And the choice that she’s made

We’ve traveled together – And lived together as well

But lives move along – And tomorrow, you can never tell!!

We have many of the same friends – And countless experiences we’ve shared

And when life seemed at it lowest – I always knew Liz cared

It’s been wonderful Mark – Getting to know who you are

And watching Liz’s expression – To her, you are a star!!

You’re a wonderful person – And a lawyer no less

Also uninvolved with investments – There are enough of us I guess

You are a great addition to the family – And I welcome you with open arms

You make the perfect couple – Bringing out each others charms!!

So please join me – Lets all raise our glasses high

For the best sister in the work – And Mark her wonderful guy

May the love you feel today – Keep growing day by day

When you look in each others eyes – May there be nothing you need to say!!

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