A Toast To My Sister The Bride!!
May 26, 2015
Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!
May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Nicole and Greg!!


I rise for a toast to Nicole – My dear friend and bride

And Greg her new groom – Sitting proudly at her side

I grew up with Nicole – So I know her inside and out

Greg, you’re getting a wonderful wife – On that there’s really no doubt!!

Nicole manages a beautiful Spa – And a Plumber Greg will soon be

They’ve been dating for 8 years – And both of them love to ski

They both are quite thoughtful – Always offering help in every way

For two people this wonderful – It’s fun to share their special day!!

Nicole is very humble – But has a funny side too

Greg is sometimes very quiet – For Nicole, there’s nothing he won’t do

Nicole hates to eat Gravy – She’s Italian from head to toe

Maybe some day she’ll try it – She might be surprised, don’t you know!!

But now it’s time to for a toast – To this new bride and groom

Won’t you all please join me – Each of you in this room

May the love you feel right now – Keep growing day by day

When you look in each others eyes – May there be nothing you need to say!!


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