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May 26, 2015
A Toast To Our Queen!!
May 26, 2015
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A Toast To Our Granddaughter!!

As Grandmother and Grandfather– Of this beautiful bride

We rise to present a toast – And we do so with pride

Rosemarie is our first granddaughter – Of whom we are quite proud

When talking about her – We might even get boisterous and loud!!

Rosemarie and Brandon – Both are attending Drake

In the fridgid state of Iowa – Where a snow storm might last for days without a break

Brandonis majoring in Music – While History is Rosemarie’s love

They will each become teachers – Where we’re sure they’ll both fit like a glove!!

They each play Clarinet – And several other instruments as well

Yes, they are deeply in love – Which is very easy to tell

They’ve been planning this wedding – Since they became engaged last year

They wanted to share this experience – Their love of family is so sincere!!

Rosemarie’s sister is her Maid of Honor – Brandon’s brother is his Best Man

They too are a lovely couple – One never knows what is God’s plan

But now please all join with us – As we toast this new man and wife

We wish you happiness and success – As you walk hand in hand down the road of life!!


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