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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Scott and Leslie!!

From your friend Bob Overby

A picture speaks a thousand words – But this one speaks much more

For Scott is not your normal guy – He’s stubborn to the core

We were canoeing in the Boundary Waters – With two friends Greg and Mark

Who warned us about this Rapids – But in Scott it lit a spark!!

He said he wanted to see it – So to the rapids they led the way

Scott took a look and grinned – Saying “Bob, this is our lucky day”

We can beat this rapids – Come on lets stow our gear

And up the hill we marched – Two friends so cavalier!!

When Greg realized our folly – He started screaming out loud

“Bob, where’s your camera” – “In my bag, I shouted so proud”

You see, Mark and Greg were savvy – Because they’d made the run before

Crashing and burning severely – Barely making it to the shore!!

So with Scott in the rear – We launched our rented canoe

We’d barely started paddling – But already I had a clue

As you can see from the photo – Since I was sitting in the front

I was scared out of my wits – And this was really a crazy stunt!!

As I fell from the canoe –  Trying to keep my feet pointed down

There was a big rock jutting up – Causing my face to get a frown

I managed to bounce with my shoulder – Letting out a giant grunt

Then I waited for Scott – Whose  bright idea caused this stunt!!

At first he didn’t appear – But finally there he came

Then I heard that distinctive grunt – As he bounced off the rock without shame

But where was the canoe – It was no where to be found

We didn’t want it to slam us – But in retrospect, that might have been profound!!

Mark and Greg were yelling – But we couldn’t hear nary a word

The canoe was stuck under a rock – Which really was quite absurd

That’s when we started planning – Thinking back, I have to laugh

Four guys in a predicament – Lisa, Scott’s competiveness caused this gaffe!!

Suddenly the canoe let loose – And our hopes and dreams came true

So Leslie, I can only look and smile – Of the adventures that lay a head for you

But I raise my glass in a toast – To my friend Scott and Leslie his bride

May all your dreams come true – In your wild and crazy ride!!

Hear Hear!!

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