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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to Susan and Richard!!!

I rise for a toast – To Richard and his new bride
First please bear with me – For a little historical ride
I’ve known Richard – For thirty years or more
In the wonderful floral industry – Richard was part of the core!!

He’s originally from Norfolk – Raised a gentleman with manners
He’s proper and educated – Being very structured and a planner
He traveled this country – Commentating at floral conventions and shows
I mean several each week – The total number, no one knows!!

He first moved to Houston – And then up to Maine
His life wasn’t always easy – Richard knows about pain
He has two wonderful sons – And as a father he’s proud
And just like their father – They both stand out in the crowd!!

I’ve just met dear Susan – But it’s easy to see
These two are in love – Wouldn’t you all agree
Susan had given up – She didn’t think she could find
A grown man with manners – Richard is, truly one of a kind!!

They met via the Arts – A fund raiser of some sort
It really doesn’t surprse me – That Richard started to court
He’s a remarkable man – And Susan is wonderful too
When God presents the opportunity – What’s a person to do!!

I’ve never see Richard so happy – Filled with smiles toward life
As is his dear Susan – His wonderful new wife
It is one of God’s miracles – To be blessed in this way
And for that I’m so thankful – To witness it here today!!

So please all join with me – And let’s toast our dear friends
To dear Susan and Richard – May your wonderful smiles transcend
May you always be happy – Looking forward to each day
And have a skip in your step – But taking time to pray!!

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