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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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A Toast to the Bride and Groom!

As father of the groom – I now rise for a toast

But first a little history – About these two, I might even boast

Coleman is our oldest – And works with me each day

He’s a graduate of James Madison – But McDonald’s gives him his pay!!

Ginny graduated from Virginia Tech – She’s an interior designer by trade

She loves to shop for shoes – As a buyer she’s unafraid

They both love going to the gym – It’s a time for them to share

And Coleman loves to party – When he does, he hasn’t a care!!

They grew up around the corner – But not connected till later in life

It happened at my 50th birthday – Soon they’ll be man and wife

Coleman had his brothers – Write the proposal in the sand

Then he took Ginny for a walk – Kneeling down, he asked for her hand!!

I wish for you both a wonderful marriage – Just like Melinda’s and mine

Have fun and talk a lot – And give me a grand daughter so divine

Coleman said he wasn’t nervous – But I don’t believe that it’s true

He came to work looking spiffy – Wearing two different colored shoes!!

But now please join me – As we toast my son and his future wife

Let’s all lift our glasses – And wish them a wonderful life

May your love continue to grow – And all your dreams come true

May you both keep smiling – And be successful at what you do!!


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