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Albert Hofstede, A Job Well Done!!

“Some dream and wish, you imagined and built”

I remember it well – The year was 1979

You made this bold statement – And your eyes had a shine

I’m building a nursing home – And it will be in Northeast

Maybe it’ll be at St.Anthony – Up there I know the priest!!

I need a hard working nun – But I think I’ve got a good name

Sister Ruth lives in St. Paul– She’s really hard working and knows the game

You met with Sister Ruth – And immediately saw eye to eye

Now you needed a money man – And Mike Shasky was your guy!!

You pulled in Glodek and Hannah – Two friends always at your side

They’ve never told you “NO” – Always helping you with pride

Probably your biggest talent – Is knowing who is good at what

Which person knows which person – And your rolodex holds a lot!!

Well Catholic Eldercare became reality – You were smart and grew it slow

With a strong financial base – Getting direction from many a pro

You started building your board – For you wanted it to be run right

Bringing in Chuck Sullivan – Your board members were pretty bright!!

You added Carolyn Olson – And your brother Tony joined the group

You sat at the head of the table – Directing your talented troupe

There were times you struggled – But the funds always seemed to appear

Just in time when needed – You kept your faith, year after year!!

Sister Ruth had to slow down a bit – A spring chicken she was not

But she’s still around to help – Her friend Albert, with all she’s got

You were smart about transition – Knowing when and whom to call

You brought in Mary Broderick – Who was ready to give her all!!

You got Joe Strauss involved – As well as John, Dick and Lou

That’s Derus, Miller and DeMars – You five have always had a global view

Old friends kept reappearing – Alice Rainville and Walt Dziedzic to name just two

And the Rainville Family trust – Will help accomplish what there is yet to do!!

Albert, you saw a need – And didn’t hesitate to answer the call

You founding members should be proud – But metaphorically, it’s time to pass the ball

You’ve even done that well – With thought, preparation and foresight

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you – For fighting the good, good fight!!

Written by Erv  Dauphin for his friend Abert at the Founders Dinner at Catholic

Eldercare on November 18th, 2004.

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