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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Baby Shower Invitation!!

Hello everybody – I’m almost ready to come

I’m a boy, my name is Kaleb  – I’m right here in my Mommy’s tum-tum

I know you all areanxious – To meet me, and soon I’ll show

But God isn’t quite finished – When I’m perfect, you’ll be the first to know!!

But before this all happens – There’s something I want you to do

It’s a party for Mommy and Daddy – And here are some clues for you

My bedroom is done in khaki – Mixed with a cream, off white

And my Mommy is registered at Target – Now isn’t that out of sight!!

It will start at 2PM – On Saturday, July 23rd

It’s at the Lafayette Country Club – In case you haven’t heard

For questions you can call – Aunt Laurie or my BeBe

I know you’ll have fun – You just come and see!!



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