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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Blue Gill Bill! In honor of Bill Erickson

Lion Bernie Bissonette made the invite – Asking Lion Bill to take a look

He visited and liked what he saw – It was good for the Lions this turn he took

He joined the Fridley Lions – And immediately became a force

Getting involved with the projects – Leading many of them, of course!!

First he became our Secretary – Keeping the records without fail

One month when things were slow – He fabricated the entire tale

Making up fictitious projects – But inserting real Lion names

Most of us thought it was funny – A couple members didn’t feel the same!!

We could count on Lion Bill – To get us off to the State Fair each year

Selling tickets on the Midway – And filling the booth with cheer

And when it came to the Assistance League – Our man Bill took the lead

No matter how early in the morning – He’d haul clothes if there was a need!!

Every member looked forward – When the frozen Blue Gills came in

To be passed out among the membership – On every face there was grin

And he loved to play his poker – With his Lion friends at night

One time things got topsy-turvey – Causing the boys a little fright!!

He took over as Gambling Manager – The club appreciated all he did

He was voted “Lion of the Year” – And not just once, heaven forbid

But three years total – Which is something to be quite proud of

Lion Bill took his service seriously – Like his fishing which he loves!!

He has many a story – With that big twinkle in his eye

Like the time he was pulling his boat – And saw it coming up on the side

The darn thing came unhitched – But it all worked out well

This is one of many tales – Our Blue Gill has lived to tell!!

There was the time on RushLake – When Bill and Craig, his son

Had finished up ice fishing – And Bill provided more fun

Craig looked back and saw it – As Bill went through the ice

Along with the four wheeler he was driving – He was backstroking to be precise!!

Although he’s slowed down a little – Having other things on his mind

We thought it right to recognize Lion Bill – Our friend who’s one of a kind

So Lion Bill we thank you – For being the great guy you are

A wonderful example of Lionism – You’ve truly raised the bar!!

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