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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Bon Voyage Desiree!!

I hate to see you leaving – Although I know it’s a good move

We knew you’d make the big time – And the money would improve

We have a lot of history – Of which I’d like to share

Of course I’ll do some editing – Too much truth might tend to scare!!

We met from mutual friends – Hitting it off right from the start

We had many nights in Vegas – But I’ll only tell a small part

 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – The memories fill me with glee

Besides I have to live here – So you can depend on me!!

We did do a lot of dancing – Literally dancing the night away

You got us into private parties – How you did it I won’t say

We had so much fun water skiing – You showed us how it should be done

Desiree, you are the greatest – You know how to live and have fun!!

There was also the skiing in Vail – Once again you took the lead

You’d make a great party planner – As you travel at warp speed

I can’t forget your dog – Chester the Molester as he’s known

You treat him like a king – I’m surprised he has no throne!!

You really do cut him slack – Here’s a story that must be told

When he peed upon your bed – You explained so sincerely and bold

It really couldn’t have been Chester – You explained with a long sigh

For if you’ve ever seen him – You know he can’t jump that high!!

You love your Pilates Classes – And the beautiful Lexus you drive

There is never enough dancing – Upon which you truly thrive

You are beautiful, crazy and fun – While remaining nice and sincere

You’re determined, intelligent and witty – My good friend I hold so dear!!

You are even into Rap Music – Loving chocolate and fine wine

You have no time for “whiners” – But you love a fine restaurant to dine

You passed your CFP last year – And now you’re on the move

Northern Trust Bank is lucky – Their bottom line you’ll improve!!

Desiree, you will truly be missed – And I thank you for being such a good friend

A confidant and da partner – Our love with you we send

And just because you’re moving – Doesn’t mean that we can’t meet

Out in the desert in Las Vegas– And dance while remaining totally discreet!!



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