“Val’s Birthday Toast”
May 26, 2015
Congratulations Katherine!!
May 26, 2015
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Congratulations Cassie and Mark!!

 I’m the Maid of Honor – So a toast is expected of me

But since I also acted as Cupid – I do so totally with glee

But first some information – Fun facts I’d like to share

I’m been friends with Cassie – Since 7th grade, we were a pair!!

I was friends with Mark’s brother, Mike – Mark was two years behind

Cassie told me she liked Mark – But like most guys, he was blind

He asked me if she liked him – I told him to give her a kiss

If she didn’t hit him – She’d kiss back in heavenly bliss!!

After that first kiss – They’ve been a pair ever since

Although he’s an Auto Mechanic – He’s also Cassie’s Prince

Mark loves motorcycles, fishing and camping – And thankfully, Cassie does too

She works at Cingular Wireless – When friends have cell problems, she knows what to do!!

They are both very humble – And loyal people to the core

But give Cassie a couple of drinks – Her voice raises to a low roar

Cassie likes to go out for a good time – Whereas Mark enjoys just kicking back

Working on his motorcycle – Or putting his car up on the rack!!

Now it’s time to toast – This new husband and wife

May your love continue to grow – As you start your new life

May all your dreams come true – May life continue to be fun

May your journey be long fruitful – In the race of life that you run!!


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