Congratulations Cassie and Mark!!
May 26, 2015
The Dauphin Clan
May 26, 2015
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Congratulations Katherine!!

Weddings should be happy – No exception will this one be

They’re getting married in a barn – I must say, with a little glee

Katherine is my cousin – And she’s always been fun

Although she’s quiet natured – There’s a wild streak that would stun!!

Now here’s a little excitement – Something you all should know

Katherine, Kenny and Angela – Got PHD’s a short time ago

Katherine and Kenny in Pharmacy – And Angela is an M.D.

This is a family of scholars – As you can plainly see!!

Tomorrow at the Colonial Chapel – Katherine and Kenny will be wed

The reception is in the barn – Where you’ll receive a very nice spread

Just so you understand – I was kidding about the barn

It’s really a very nice place – But it helped me with this yarn!!

Katherine, I want you to know – Tomorrow, everything will be fine

Enjoy this wonderful day – Even the barn where we’ll all dine

And especially inKauai– Where you and Kenny will start anew

I wish you both a wonderful life – And I bless you both, through and through!!

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