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May 26, 2015
Congratulations Lauren!!
May 26, 2015
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Congratulations Katie!!

Graduation From South Carolina
Governor’s School for Arts & Humanities

When you applied – Who would have guessed

You thought you had blown it – You were truly obsessed

But two years later – In spite of illness, you’ve attained

An impressive school record – And you’ve never complained!!

Sisters Ann and Georgia – Idolize you through and through

Borrowing all your stuff – And emulating all that you do

You found Ned the cat – And now he lives with us

The idea of not keeping him – Was something you wouldn’t discuss!!

Katie, you’re full force emotion – Being totally immersed in life

But you’re also kind and compassionate – With wit as sharp as a knife

You totally ignore peer pressure – When your opinion is made

You don’t pull any punches – Calling a spade a spade!!

And now you’re headed to college – To study English and Art History

A scholarship to WoffordCollege– You’ve made us proud as you can see

You’ve made your mark – And worked hard to succeed

You’ve a bright future coming – Possessing all the tools you’ll ever need!!

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