Congratulations Katie!!
May 26, 2015
Good Luck Duane!!
May 26, 2015
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Congratulations Lauren!!

Graduation from law school – We wish the day would never end

Mom, Dad & Mark are so proud of you – For all the hard work you had to expend

You’re a very special daughter – And this is your special day

It’s truly a dream come true – In our memories it will stay!!

Ever since we could remember – You’ve wanted a career in law

Pursuing your vision and goal – Remaining sensible without a flaw

Coming from an extended family of nuts – A long line with both extremes

Men and women of few teeth – Yes, pails with very little cream!!

And those pretending royalty – Belonging to the Kennedy clan

Makes it all the more amazing – That you completed what you began

A heart felt thanks to Senator Maltese – For his unrelenting support

I’m sure you’ll remember his guidance – Each day that you’re in court!!

You so deserve this recognition – You persevered three long years

While also achieving good grades – Let me be the first to lead the cheers

Our little “Jelly Bean” has blossomed – A mature woman, oh so sweet

Thank God you’ve given up – Those chocolate M&M’s you loved to eat!!

We gave you the foundation – You took it without a doubt

And built upon it wonderfully – We’re so proud we could shout

Use that knowledge to flourish – Helping others along the way

Don’t be “Mussolini on the Balcony” – That was something I just had to say!!

We wish you the best of luck – With your up and coming BAR

When you go into seclusion – We’ll be with you wherever you are

Remember to take your vitamins – High energy you will need

For when that Bar Exam is over – There’s no doubt, you’ll succeed!!

We wish you the very best – With a life filled with happiness and success

No degree, fame or fortune – Can replace the inner beauty you possess

We thank our family and friends – Who are all with us tonight

To share in this celebration – I know you feel their delight!!

All four of your grandparents – Along with Aunt Barbara too

Are looking down with a smile – And that smile is just for you

We urge you to take time for yourself – As we look at you with awe

For now our little “Jelly Bean” – Has earned her Doctorate of Law!!

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