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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Congratulations Ron!!

Golf Magazines Top 100 Golf Instructors – Why is that no surprise

The game always intrigued you – Every aspect you’d analyze

You’ve been given quite an honor – Just remember I knew you when

Your educated hands were still learning – And your Lag was not a ten!!

But even when you were a Junior – And we were all taught by Bobby Stowe

Back at the Skyline Country Club – Even then you practiced like a pro

Always wanting to perfect your swing – The rest of us were happy to score

The old reverse C and Persimmon Woods – Ron, you became a connoisseur!!

You went on to play in college – After Purdue you went on the Tour

Ending up a teaching Pro – Showing others how to become a warrior

When my children were old enough – After 16 years I returned to the game

It would be fun to golf with them – I got your help so I wouldn’t look lame!!

My Handicap has dropped – Those 5 hour drives to lessons sure work

It has gone from a 6 to a +.02 – I say with a proud
little smirk

I’ve won many tournaments – With swing mechanics perfected by you

And help with the mental game – Prayer helps, but there’s more you need to do!!

I’m proud to be included – And my dad knew you had the stuff

When he sponsored you on Tour – He knew your mental toughness was enough

Ron, you’ve been an inspiration – Showing what real determination can do

And from all your friends and students – Ourcongratulations we  send to you!!


Shannon Silvernail

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