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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Dougie, Say it ain’t so!! Written in support of the Northwest loyal employees

Dougie are you crazy – Or maybe it’s just me

Are your eyes wide open – Because I don’t think you see

You are abusing the system – For no good reason at all

I can’t call you smart – But I will say you have gall!!

You came out of nowhere – Because Wilson had too much heat

Taking the company into bankruptcy – To the creditors it was bittersweet

The company was bleeding money – A sacrifice at this time had to be made

You asked the employees for cutbacks – Assuring them not to be afraid!!

“We can bring this company back – To the prominence it once had

We all must share in the sacrifice – In the end it won’t be bad”

So each union participated – With you cheerleading along the way

We’re almost there you screamed – Just one more cut today!!

You were looking like a magician – Though heavy handed none the less

Not like Chechi or Wilson – Who really created this mess

But in the end it will happen – Greed will rule the day

With the little guy paying the bills – While the big hogs get the pay!!

Just one word of caution – Audacity like this is not good

In your heart of hearts you know it – This is not about a livelihood

You know you haven’t earned it – You are not a stupid man

You took the bonus money for one reason – It’s just because, YOU CAN!!

You shared it with your managers – Even you need a friend or two

Giving them a fraction of your bonus – Gives you support in your illicit coup

And what about the workers – Who are struggling to make ends meet

What goes around, comes around – You’ll be judged by those you mistreat!!

One word of advice I have for you – Make sure you dot your “I’s”

And don’t fly Northwest Airlines – Because you are one marked guy

But it didn’t have to happen – You could have emerged a star

Instead you’re a Robber Baron – Who thinks of himself as a Czar!!

You’ve given new life to the unions – And proven they serve a need

For management just can’t be trusted – For them there’s just too much greed

So Dougie may you always – Have this thought on your greedy mind

“What will be my punishment – If the corruption, they ever find”!!

And be sure it will happen – In the future we’ll see your name

Being charged with malfeasance – And crying as you explain

“I only did it for the company – As you can plainly see

But please don’t send me to jail – It would be a hardship on my family and me”!!

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