March Presidents Column Lion Bud lst Vice President
May 26, 2015
To Allan and his future bride!!
May 26, 2015
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Fridley Lions Presidents Column

The President is gone – But this column must be done

Lion Flora is in Florida– Down there having fun

First of all it’s important – That the thank you’s are seen

Many of us still work – With Lionism in between

We’re not all retired – With all that time on our hands

So a stroke or two helps – So we’ll answer the next demand

Thank you Kathy Linder – The newsletter is great

Although Steve comes to each meeting – And takes the credit for his mate

He says without his help – You’d be lost without a paddle

Something about a creek – With your feet you’d have to straddle

Thank you “Bulldog” – For the convention hospitality room

Bringing in the food and drink – For everyone to consume

Thank you Jimmy and Jan – For picking up the flowers for Clay

And thank you Clay and Mary Ellen – For the hard work every day

And thank you Lion Tim Fowler – For the items you donate

You keep the meetings interesting – Now your ego we’ll have to deflate

And thanks to all those Lions – Who regularly meetings attend

It’s a great way to stay involved – And even make a new friend!!

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