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May 26, 2015
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Good-Bye Mrs.

My Mother in Law Muriel Durst

By Erwin Dauphin

To say you’ve been an inspiration – Is an understatement indeed

You’ve been a wise role model – Truly a rare, rare breed

Raised by your grandparents – In a life some would call hard

You knew the meaning of values – And you were held in high regard!!

Always ready to listen – Offering no opinion unless asked

A cheerful and willing worker – No matter how hard the task

You met the love of your life – And shared your dreams with the Mr.

You and Walter had fun – Raising Phil, and Marcia his older sister!!

You taught your kids good values – To work hard and not complain

There were folks who had less – And experiencing much more pain

You were proud of them both – And they were proud of you

You always put them first – And Marcia and Philip knew!!

Your granddaughter Sara – In your heart had very special place

And when she came around – It would light up her grandparents face

You and the Mr. had stories – About Sara, you loved to tell

And Sara was a very good girl – That returned that love as well!!

When you lost the Mr. – You truly lost a pal

You two were the perfect team – Walter and his special gal

You’d never lived alone before – But you readjusted your life

Still putting your family first – Muriel, the devoted mother and wife!!

You wanted to stay in your home – And live on familiar ground

And by gosh you did it – Being both, stubborn and profound

Through broken hips and strokes – A cough that wouldn’t go away

No matter how hard it seemed – You got up and began each day!!

We’d look at each other and sigh – How does Mom keep going

You’d smile at us and say – “I’ve got this quilt that I am sewing”

You loved God and your church – Working every  Xmas Dinner

Doing the best you could each year – A little shorter and a little thinner!!

You loved your Sons of Norway – Your many friends gave you a ride

You twice waved at the King – A little shy but full of pride

And in your final hours – Knowing you were passing on

You still shared your wisdom – And did till you were gone!!

You told us not to cry – This is something I must go through

You even kept your sense of humor – While giving instructions on what to do

One of the last things you said – And you appreciated them all

“I’ve been so lucky to have good friends – Who would answer my every call!”!

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