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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Good Bye to Kevin Love

Bud The Rhymer says Good-Bye to Kevin Love!!
I tried to say nothing – But to say nothing, seemed to be just wrong
Much like our friend Kevin – My opinion is big and strong
It was difficult to tell – As I continuously read the news
Whether you wanted to leave – Although you might have given us clues
They were hard to distinguish – Kevin, you’re a very complex guy
One minute you’re collecting coats for the needy – The next minute you cry
Oh, you wanted a 5 year contract – We don’t always get what we desire
Hey, Kevin, I don’t know if you noticed – You’re a basketball player for hire
Minnesota wanted to love you – And we did for a while
Then you came in with the broken hand – And that unbelievable smile
Yes, you worked really hard – And truly developed your game
And just when we forgave you – You’d once again do something lame
Like complaining to the ref’s – Instead going down the court
To get yourself on defense – Hey Kevin, defense is part of the sport
At least we have to thank you – We made a pretty good trade
At least we think so – In a week or two, your memory will fade
You’re heading for Cleveland – Hey Kevin, there you won’t be the big dog
And you’d better not whine – About LeBron, even if he is a ball hog
Because he’s running the show – And he’s the only reason that you are there
So Kevin, play it smart – And if needed, pretend you care
For you are a good player – But sometimes you’re a pain in the butt
Kevin, just play the game – And keep your mouth shut
Good-bye and good luck, Kevin!!
Your Friend,Bud The Rhymer

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