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May 26, 2015
Happy 30th Anniversary!!
May 26, 2015
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Good Luck Duane!!

You’re throwing in the towel – But you’re not out of the game

Just switching fields – And a school with a different name

Of course you’ll be missed – For you’re a legend around here

With your removable front teeth – You’ve caused grown men fear!!

You’re a wonderful golfer – And love to share what you know

Of course you take peoples money – Because you play like a Pro

We first met at a Soccer game – With only 5 minutes left in the game

You wanted me and my team to pay – Frankly I thought that was insane!!

After yelling at each other – You finally relented and let us in

That’s when I knew you were a softy – As a former marine, you had a thick skin

You taught me the importance of “Balance” – And recruited me as an assistant to you

Working with you was wonderful – And because of it I truly grew!!

We took a staff bus to Lane Tech – After had Long Island teas at an Irish Pub

Got called that a student was missing – Fortunately, no Karaoke to add to this hubbub

Or the flying pop can – From someone who must have been your friend

And the Championshipsin Football and Badminton – Exciting to the very end!!

I truly want to thank you – As a mentor you were the best

You prepared me to replace you – For that I truly feel blest

You and Barb will now have more time – To spend with family and friends

And know that everyone at North High – All of our love we each send!!

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