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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Good Luck Matt, We’ll Miss You!!

You’re leaving for Vegas – Where you’ll probably have to work

One hell of a lot harder – But listen, and soon you will smirk

One thing you won’t have – Of which I’m sure you’re glad

Your pal Dennis isn’t coming – Just the memories you two have had!!

You are truly a success story – Rising from new employee to a star

With your own crew of salespeople – Who know how great you are

Boyd waits till the last minute – And Mike always holds something back

But you perform your magic – Because you have that magical knack!!

Fiona is your best friend – And you should thank God for that

Although you two have your moments – When you fight like a dog and cat

And now that we’re into truth – Remember that rumor that you were gay

Fiona started it in Dallas– It was funny, what else can I say!!

Yes, we know you’re straight – Being into reptiles the way you are

Besides you’ve had many girlfriends – And you once drove a PT Cruiser car

 Avoiding hurricanes is not your forte – Leaving Tampa for Daytona was proof

You ended up in the middle of a hurricane – Which almost blew off your roof!!

But you truly are a good guy – Who was there when needed the most

And dodging Dennis’ interference – Might be your biggest boast

By the way he wasn’t invited – We wanted to send you off in style

And besides you might have acted – In a way to cause you to smile!!

We’ll miss you, we want you to know – We appreciate all you’ve done

Not only were you talented – But Matt, you were also fun

So good luck in Vegas – And remember all of us here

Your good friends here in Tampa – Are watching you leave with a tear!!

Good Luck Matt!

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