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May 26, 2015
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Graduation Announcement!

“Pinecone” Dillon Olson – I know many will not believe

Will actually be graduating – For some this might be hard to conceive

He didn’t want to send out announcements – But as his mom, I have the last word

So I’m sending out this rhyme – So at least you’ll all have heard!!

This has been no easy task – Four long years I’ve labored hard

Between school, sports and girls – I’ve been constantly on guard

I didn’t want him partying – For trouble is always near

And the pressure is incredible – From his friends and peers!!

And you know these kids are crazy – With ideas truly off the wall

When we were kids, no way – Did we spend this much time at the mall

We did have some funny moments – Like his first prom date last year

He looked like a deer in the headlights – In his eyes was nothing but fear!!

And I did enjoy the football – Although I worked hard to raise the dough

Running and coordinating events – As many of you already know

I am proud of his accomplishments – And the man he has become

He is always the “faithful leader” – On and off the field to the maximum!!

So when he stated quite smartly – No announcements was he sending out

I thought this is also my graduation – And I’ve still got a little clout

So, Dillon will be graduating – The Class of 2006 at Columbia Heights High

On the night of June 8th – Believe me, I’ll let out one last sigh!!

His future plans  include – Going to Mankato  State University  for college

Like most of his  peers, he’s undeclared – Hopefully he’ll study and gain some knowledge

I think he’s ready  for the U – And can truly work at that fast pace

But remember, he has  a mind of his own – Hopefully, he won’t just take up space!!

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