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May 5, 2015
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Great Fun At Camp Runnamucka!!

Camp Runnamucka is outside Great Falls – For those kids wanting to have fun

It’s a week at Camp Rotary for military kids – Wide open spaces where kids can run

Everyone is sleeping in cabins – With a lodge with a fireplace for eating and crafts

There’s running water for drinking and the toilet – But also,  a wonderful camp staff!!

It’s not really roughing – But trust me, it’s a memory that will stick in your mind

They’ll be nature hikes and Kitchen Patrol – Delicious food that’s one of a kind

There will be bathroom detail – And you’ll have to keep your cabin clean

For if you don’t you’ll have critters – Bats, rats & spiders, if you know what I mean!!

There are certain traditions – That happen each and every day

We raise and lower the flag morning and night – And the Pledge of Allegiance, we say

We have Goofy Olympics – Frisbee Throwing, Crab Walk and a Hula Hoop Contest

To name just a few of many – There’s also Skit Night, imagine how you’ll be dressed!!

There’ll be Smores and a hot dog roast – At meals your manners we will watch

No hats or elbows on the table – For non polite manners there is a catch

You’ll be running around the table – Before our dance and movie night

Where we dance to the Cupid Shuffle – To the left and then to the right!!

We also pull fun pranks on the other cabins – Cabins covered with toilet paper might appear

We also send Smiley Grams to other cabins – Sending compliments, full of good cheer

 Monkey Warriors, Neutrals and 8 Bits – Are just some of the cabin names

Sara is our leader, who’s just Fabulous – We have misfit Medics for scrapes, bruises and sprains!!

Dee, from Rhode Island – Team Building she will teach us all

Don’t worry about getting home sick – But when the bell rings, you better answer the call

It means it’s time for the next event – And believe me the week will go fast

The General flew in, on his helicopter – And he thought it was a blast!!

He wishes he were a kid again – But maybe he’s a kid at heart

Camp is a great way to make new friends – And it’ll be fun to take part

We’ve gone to great lengths – For you to have fun as you can see

And the best part of the week at camp – For you all, it’s absolutely “FREE”!!

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