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May 26, 2015
Happy Birthday Michael!!
May 26, 2015
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Happy “40th” Birthday Kenny!!

It must be your birthday – And I have to say thanks

You organized the party yourself – To Vegas no less, pretty swank

Inviting our whole family – What a generous thing to do

To celebrate this special day – And you did it all just for you!!

This is quite a momentous time – I guess in more ways than one

Turning 40 is a real milestone – For you Lovecakes, it means twice the fun

You do have your quirks – As many of us do

Visiting Montrealis special – It’s not just about family and friends for you!!

It’s about Decarie Hot dog and Orange Julep – Pendelli’s Pizza to name some

And when Jupiter meets Mars – They get you moving East on the 401

When it comes to tending the baby at night – You couldn’t be called the best

Bless your heart, you try – But you sleep through the entire test!!

You are the doting father – Making sure your girls are bright

Teaching them about Poker – And counting the numbers just right

I have to admit you’re fun loving – And your glass is always half full

It has to be that hockey background – That keeps you positive and sensible!!

You’re a “Studly” looking guy – Who’s worked hard to be what you’ve become

With a wonderful sense of humor – And playing goalie gave you an even better “Bum”

So on this your “40th” birthday – Kenny, I have to say

You’ve made it fun for me and the girls – Each and every day!!

I wish you a lifetime of love, health and wealth – Happiness and much more

You’re a man of many facets – But with you our life will never be a bore

It’s important that you know – I love you from the bottom of my soul

You’re special in so many ways – Without you I wouldn’t be whole!!

You’re a kind and generous husband – Our family you do adore

So, happy, happy birthday Lovecakes – And may we celebrate many more!!



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