A Toast to the Bride and Groom!
May 26, 2015
Happy Birthday Judy, Judy, Judy!!
May 26, 2015
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Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!

To a very special friend – On this your special day

There are things I’d like to tell you – Words I want to say

First of all Happy Birthday – For you’ve been working hard

Soon there will be a swimming pool – For that big hole in the yard!!

You love your book club – And all your friends who attend

With authors Miller, Quindlen & Lamb – And the hours of pleasure you get to spend

It’s really about sharing – And love is what you’re all about

Helping others, be it work or play – Vanita, you’re the best, no doubt!!

It’s truly amazing how all of this took place – Starting with Greg and Eileen

Hilary, Geoff, Karen and Pete – With Mike and me completing the scene

Like does attract like – And that certainly describes our group

When you add up the children – We truly have a large troupe!!

You and Joel are blessed – With three daughters who are quite engaged

Very bright and very special – Especially for their young age

I smile recalling last year – When they did the glamour shot

To surprise you on your birthday – It was not their favorite spot!!

So dear friend Happy Birthday – And may you have many more

And with your energy level – We’ll continue having fun galore

I wish for you continued happiness – As the years go by

And many, many more birthdays – For you and Joel your loving guy!!



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