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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Happy Birthday Frank!!

You’re turning fifty – But it doesn’t seem real

You’ve accomplished so much – It’s a really big deal

Hard work and being anal – Has served you quite well

And being a perfectionist – Your accomplishments continue to swell!!

You worked your way through college – Law school being the last stop

Then you became a Corporate lawyer – Working your way to the top

Being involved is a must – Always working very hard

Serving on every committee – You’re the top dog in the yard!!

The Big Hitters inPhoenix– Know you by what you’ve done

Giving of your time and talent – Their hearts you have won

And you’re only fifty – But no one could have guessed

Because you’re always moving – With high energy you’ve been blessed!!

You have two beautiful children – And I dare to speculate

That you wouldn’t change a thing – And are happy with your fate

A wife who’s 17 years younger – Seems to fit just right for you

And darling I must say – I love everything you do!!

Now a little history – Of this perfect husband and friend

What is he really like – I’ll share the truth, you can depend

He can’t sit still for a minute – And constantly paces the floor

Moving on to another project – As he runs out the door!!

With a son who’s three – And a little girl almost one

He really enjoys his life – And finds it lots of fun

Fine wine he loves – And dining out on good food

He’s articulate and very smart – And quite frankly, a funny dude!!

He sometimes comes across as stuffy – But that’s certainly not true

He has the ability to be goofy – Making me laugh through and through

“A clean ship is a happy ship” – I hear this every day

As he picks up a coffee cup – To the dishwasher and puts it away!!

So Frank, happy birthday – To the love of my life

You’ve made me very happy – And I love being your wife

So on this special day – It’s important to us that you know

How much we all love you – With these birthday wishes  we bestow!!

Happy Birthday Darling!!

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