Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!
May 26, 2015
Happy Retirement Dad!!
May 26, 2015
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Happy Birthday Judy, Judy, Judy!!

When did we meet Judy – Well, it was many years ago

Dave and Marcia were in Rotary – We were looking for a new bungalow

After scores and scores of showings – On nothing could we both decide

But Dave didn’t give up – Remaining our trusty guide!!

Both Dave and Judy were customers – Over the years we became friends

Running into each other at functions – Dave’s Xmas concert we’d recommend

When the Ryan’s bought their new house – We were invited over to see

Just how easy the transition was – And new home owners we could be!!

Yes, we kept on looking – To the point we began to blush

But Dave remained so patient – Never asking us to rush

He even stayed a customer – And friendly each time we met

And soon it became apparent – Selling us a house, he could forget!!

We’d see Judy at the Northwest Club – When she was working full time

Here’s a fact to remember – On it, you can bet every dime

Judy does not like to sweat – No matter how hard she works out

When she feels a bead of perspiration – She’ll stop without a doubt!!

When Marcia had her surgery – Judy was the first to bring some food

Her wonderful home made soup – With a smile and positive attitude

Bud even asked for seconds – Taking the container back to refill

Judy provided some more – With a smile and more goodwill!!

So now on this special birthday – Judy, keep doing whatever you do

You look like a cheerleader from DeWitt – In nineteen sixty-two

May you have many more birthdays – And your health continue to soar

And remember if you’re making soup – I could use a little more!!


Bud Dauphin &
Marcia Schaaf

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