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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Happy Birthday Michelle

You arrived on the scene – At the most opportune time

It’s been a blast ever since – Watching you blossom into your prime

You’ve made me so proud – But you also make me cry

Because I laugh so hard – And you don’t even try!!

Your dad and I have often said – We truly don’t have a clue

How we could be so lucky – To have a wonderful child like you

You’re very thoughtful and insightful – Especially for someone your age

You have a good head on your shoulders – To the point of being a sage!!

Scuba diving is a passion of yours – Since you were twelve years old

Now you’ve taken up cave diving – Because you’re adventurous and bold

You love music and dancing – And your dog Haley, of course

In short, you’re kind of crazy – For that, we have no remorse!!

When it comes to organization – You take a back seat to no one

Your closet looks like a department store – By the time you are done

Color, season, short or long sleeve – The organization goes on and on

We just watch in fascination – This wild and crazy phenomenon!!

So on this your “18th” birthday – It was important for us to say

How very much you mean to us – And how you brighten each day

So Michelle, we wish you a happy birthday – May all your dreams come true

And no matter where you may be – Your mom & dad truly love you!!



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