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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Happy Retirement Dad!!

 LAPD is so much better than LASD – Your mantra for 36 years

You were dedicated and loyal – And you loved your career

Mom was a Deputy Sheriff – Retiring a short time ago

But in our house she rules – Not worrying about your male ego!!

You were a wonderful father – And we learned a lot from you

Ego, sarcasm & mouthing off – To name just a few

You love to intimidate – Especially if it’s a house guest

When it comes to watering your lawn – For that, you never rest!!

For all of your bluster – Out of you I can still get a rise

Explaining what you taught us – To most it’s no surprise

How to drink, party and intimidate – Then to charm and deny it all

Dad, do I see you blushing – Just like you, I like to appall!!

You live for the excitement of sports – Being the Raiders number one fan

Also in love with the Lakers – You’ve been a fanatic since my life began

It gets a little frustrating – When we bring home a date

And you quiz them about sports – The uninformed ones you actually hate!!

In case you don’t know it Dad – I’m over thirty years old

When you first meet a new date – Don’t you think it a little bold

To intimidate them with Jeopardy and Scrabble – Or a geography question or two

I know you’re not going to change – I could talk till I turned blue!!

We do have fun, don’t we – I love you from the bottom of my heart

You’ve been a great dad and role model – Besides, your pretty smart

So I hope you enjoy retirement – And collecting that pension you earned

As far as me getting married – Please, don’t get overly concerned!!

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