Happy Retirement Jim!!
May 26, 2015
Happy Retirement!!
May 26, 2015
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Happy Retirement Paul!!

For 29 years – You’ve fought the good fight

But you’ve thrown in the towel – I guess the time was right

Now you and Jackie – Will have lots more time

To spoil your grandchildren – Which I guess is no crime!!

Now you can play golf – To all of your hearts desire

Hopefully you’re game will improve – A lower handicap you can acquire

As a Business Manager/Agent – We couldn’t have asked for more

You’ve earned the right to relax – But we’ll miss you that’s for sure!!

We wish you good luck – And our best wishes in the ahead

Sit back and enjoy your football – But we don’t want to be mislead

When the Bulldogs wipe out Bama – Here’s a warning just for you

Don’t call in through the switchboard – The noise might turn you blue!!

Happy Retirement Paul

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