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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Lion of the Year!! Lion Tim Fowler

Fridley Lions

Our Lion of the Year – Is complex for sure

Kind of rough on the outside – But by no means a bore

He played hockey as a kid – A place called SpringLake Park

If there’s a project to do – He’s one of the first to embark!!

If you see this Lion – His sidekick isn’t far away

They work hard together – And even harder when they play

They travel in tandem – But actually accomplish quite a lot

They built the 49’ers a new float – With Lion Brett, practically on the spot!!

He’s known for his bluster – But he’s a softy when push comes to shove

He’s a great babysitter – For Graham and Charlie his first love

With a family of nine – The moments are never dull

And don’t come to his house – If you’re looking for a lull!!

Though he’s in his mid forties – He can be found playing ball

Down and dirty with the young guys – He’s still standing tall

He cooks a great omelet – Always leading the way

He’s a better cook than his wife – Even his mother-in-law will say!!

He’s really quite creative – Just take a look at the float

He planned it in his head – And he had nary a note

Ok, I’ll tell you – Lion Tim Fowler is our guy

The Lion of the year – Well deserved, no one would deny!!

Elvis is his sidekick – These two are fun to observe

Sometimes they’re like two old maids – But in the end, they do serve

For more than 6 weeks – Each evening they labored hard

Elvis, Brett & Tim – Building the float in Tim’s back yard!!

Voted by his fellow Lions – This is no small award, indeed

But Lion Tim is well deserving – I’m sure every Fridley Lion will concede

So Lion Tim please step forward – This award is just for you

A token of the Fridley Lions appreciation – For all the work that you do!!

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