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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Master Of The Inn!! Cottage Inn Lanesboro MN

His name is Waldo – And he greets each guest

As Master of the Cottage Inn – I feel, it’s Lanesboro’s best

You can usually find him – In the kitchen each day

Cooking up breakfast – As tasty as any Gourmet!!

He retired from teaching – Confusing to say the least

For he’s busier now – As Lanesboro’s chief Artiste

For Waldo and wife Marylyn – And Eric their son

Also operate the Commonweal Theatre – For work and for fun!!

Their plays are wonderful – Folks come from near and far

And go away raving – Comments such as “spectacular”

And in the midst of it all – One character shines bright

Waldo, The Master – With his smile of delight!!

He’s obviously German – With a work ethic quite high

One wonders if he ever naps – This high energy guy

No matter the time – Be it day or late at night

Waldo can be found – Fighting the good fight!!

The plans have been formulated – And the architects paid

For the theatre expansion – Beautiful and custom made

Beside the current theatre – It will be a sight to behold

When Waldo describes it – His eyes shine like gold!!

Lanesboro is the center – Of Southeastern Minnesota fun

Where the free spirits come – To bike in the sun

The trails are a plenty – But there are other things to do

Make your reservations early – Or there’ll be no room for you!!

You can visit the Amish – If you’re curious how they live

You’ll find it quite interesting – An exciting tour they give

And the many local stores – Of crafts and gifts galore

Or you could just sit on the porch – With a bottle of wine to pour!!

So if you’re looking for relaxation – And a place to slow life down

Get a little closer to nature – Then Lanesboro is the town

The Cottage Inn will welcome you – Just like you were an old friend

Be sure to sign up for breakfast – This, I highly  recommend!!

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