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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Merry Christmas 2004!!

Our year started out quite happy – A nice Xmas and New Year

Then Marcia’s mother got sick – Which ended the New Years cheer

She ended up at Mayo – With a prognosis of a torn heart flap

When the Dr. explained her options – She knew she was in for a scrap!!

She shared with us her wisdom – Down to the last recipe

She said, “Erwin, you behave” – I knew she was talking to me

She was lucid to the end – Which came on February 8th

She’d taken communion with the Pastor – She always had a strong faith!!

She asked me for a eulogy – Which you’ll find on the back of this page

She truly was more than a mother – The Mrs. was our little sage

We really give her credit – For living a life full of love

She took care of other people – We know she’s watching from above!!

She was the designated driver – Hauling her friends whenever possible

The town of Preston misses her – The Lutheran Church was totally full

It was truly quite a tribute – To someone 87 years old

But the “Mrs.” was quite a lady – She moved slowly, but she was bold!!

Honey and I spent a week – Recovering after Valentines Day

We went out to Las Vegas– Yes, just anything to get away

We saw six Las Vegasshows – And recovered to some degree

Came back started cleaning – Mom’s house, which was agony!!

It took most of the summer – But we got done, and it was sold

We spent the rest of the year recovering – But old stories got retold

Mom always told us – Remember the fun times when I’m gone

Celebrate those anniversaries – There’s enough sadness going on!!

One bright spot came shining – Marcia and I got a great surprise

We’re the grandparents of Christine – Something that was hard to realize

She was born on Marcia’s birthday – Now is that a good omen or what

On the back you’ll find her picture – She is a cute little “Tot”!!

Daughter Tamara and husband Wade – Proud parents you can be sure

For us it’s quite a new paradigm – A reminder that we’re almost seniors

So Merry, Merry Christmas – From both of us to you

We hope in the year 2005 – All your wishes come true!!

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