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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Merry Christmas 2005!!

Another fast year – And we’re heading into 2006

Fortunate for you – I won’t bore you with politics

March we vacationed inHawaii– With brother Neal and his wife

We played a lot of Gin Rummy – And enjoyed the good life!!

Now we’re into healthy eating – Trying to keep that weight off

We still go to the club to work out – Fortunately, neither of us play golf

I’m President of the Fridley Lions – Which is fun and fullfilling

 I enjoy the community service – And the joy that it brings!!

We’ve had much excitement – In September, power loss of 4 days

It’s amazing life’s turns – Things happen in mysterious ways

We designed and wrapped flowers – By candle light in the store

We juryrigged the phones – Although the volume was poor!!

At least we went down fighting – Till the power came  back on

We all gave a yell – When the blackout was gone

Now our appreciation has grown – For the little things in life

Little things are appreciated more – Since our 4 days of strife!!

In October we went north – To Breezy Point and the fall leaves

It was a fun get a way – And a welcome reprieve

We stopped to see Paul Anka – At the Casino going home

Paul has so little hair – He hardly needs a comb!!

It was a wonderful show – With all these old teeny boppers

Honey and I were the exception – Not looking like senior citizen shoppers

We promised ourselves – After this wonderful week

We’re getting away more often – It was wonderful and unique!!

We hope you and yours – Have had a wonderful year

Count all your many blessings – Look around they are near

So Merry Merry Christmas – And may next year be great

Remember there are no accidents – It’s the fickle finger of fate!!


Marcia & Bud

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